Margazhi Kolam

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Dot count 15 x 15. I tried with colour lines. Need suggestions from chikku kolam experts.

Rangoli: Margazhi Kolam


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Wow! Looks so beautiful!
I'm not an expert, but it sort of looks as if the single orange straight line on all four sides makes that area a bit crowded. Otherwise the whole arrangement and colors look very nice. Smile

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Beautiful work.
For me everything looks fine, the centre coloring tells its Brindha's touch. The parallel orange/yellow lines look like dhaaya kattai ( a traditional brass die used for playing snake and ladder game)

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You're right Vinci, it does look a board game. I think Dhaaya kattai is more or less similar to the board game Ludo. Smile

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Wow...brinda....thanks for giving some idea for colouring a sikku kolam or to do a sikku kolam using colours....this looks fantastic dear....hope u have used d cols which u got from chennai...thanks a lot dear....

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Brindha mam, your kolam looks so excellent.


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Its Brinda's kolam hey na!!! Then minimum grade for that is Excellent. The coloured lines with white outline looks great and a wonderful work executed by you.

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Hat's off Brindha - you are proving to be an expert in this medium too - very well done Smile

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Very beautiful. The center looks like painting.- Indu

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Lovely kolam. Good colours used. The extensions are nice.

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u people r very lucky to get fine colors in ur place which we dont get in ours, excellent wk brindha, usually sikku kolams r not so colorful, thanks for giving a enriching idea to fill a sikku kolam,

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Amazing work...Looks very beautiful with a very neat presentation....I always admire the way you draw the kolams and colour them....

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Brindha, your multi-colored chikku kolam looks grand! The central design looks as if done with MS paint! I think the parellel orange lines are drawn to enhance the majantha color by their side. Am I right?

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Superb Work

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so nice.........

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Great work. Colourful display proves your touch.

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Excellent multi-coloured sikku kolam.....

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Wow! Looks so beautiful!beautiful colour match..looks different.......Colourful display hats off to you brindha.

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Brindha this looks fabulous in multicolors... excellent work dear, keep it up

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wonderful sikku ...the whole design looks great with all the colors. me too wondering about the orange lines drawn, does that has any special significance? i think we had seen similar lines in one of your earlier sikku kolam.

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Brindha, lovely chikku kolam with color lines and outer white line border.The design and choice of colors, outer decoration all are excellent. Mmmm......... should have been a contest entry!

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