Margazhi Kolam

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Flower designs with Rangoli. I took from the kolam website. Thanks

Rangoli: Margazhi Kolam


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Very beautifully done! You should've joined us when our members and I played with the bluebells, a few months ago (in August - 2009).

I've added this beauty to the Bluebellmania collection.

Check it out:

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lata, this is rose bell, hehehe!

Manjula mam, very nice bells with blue and yello flowers! Good colour combination!

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Yes, they are. Smile

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Ok here comes another dimension to the bluebell kolam. Lovely work Manjula - the pink bells look so lovely and the purple flowers outlined with yellow look nice and bright - only thing is that stamen like thing sticking out from the bottom of each flower looks a bit oddly placed, maybe it should have just been a twirley or a small leaf instead - this is just my opinion Smile

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Bluebells looks very cute which also looks like a hibiscus flower. the blue flower looks very elegant.

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very nice kolam..nithya hehe yes rose bells and blue flowers!!

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Dear All

Thanks a lot for all your compliments

Manjula S

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Wow ! beautiful pink bells.. I think I saw a similar kolam in Indira's collections..
Very nice Manjula Mam'