Margazhi Kolam 1

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About Margazhi Kolam 1:

This is the kolam drawn by me on the first day of Margazhi 2010.

Rangoli: Margazhi Kolam 1


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Very beautiful padi kolam nithya mam.


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Very Nice Nithyaji.

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Padi kolam with kavi is always beautiful.

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nice padi kolam mam.

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nice kavi padi kolam nithya

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very bright and beautiful padi kolam with very nice and dark kavi....but one suggestion if you dont mind... the centre design and some outer designs are drawn with three lines which is said to be inauspicious..pls keep it in even numbers ...

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Nitya, very beautiful kolam with bright KAvi. Though the lines are written by hand(not kuzhal), it has come out so neat.

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vey beautiful design....!!!

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Nithya maam I loved this padikolam very much and so did my husband.... good work... pls post more such kind of work

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nice kavikolam. But you have to draw two lines or 5 lines for the centre kanya kolam.

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Nice padikolam with kavi... The floor enhances the beauty of your kolam.. Number of lines need to be maintained uniformly...

chandy's picture

Soooo beautiful! Such a clear,enchanting padi kolam.

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A bight padikolam, very neatly drawn. The usage of kaaavi is apt. But for the 3lines, it is a beauty.

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Nice padikolam with kavi..bright and beautiful...

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Welcome back niths after a short break...lovely kavi bright and elegant lines....just keep in mind what sowmya has said....

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nice design, pretty nice storkes.

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Thank you everybody for your valuable comments. I do remember your suggestions when i try the similar pattern next time. Once again, thank you very much.

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very very beautiful kolam,colouring and background are superb mam!

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The soft sunshine of Margazhi brightens your neat kolam. A small swastik or a suzhi at the centre would make it perfect.

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I feel this is one your best presentations. Neat execution with steady strokes and kaavi making it more pretty.. I love this beauty Smile Expecting more..