Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

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About Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010:

Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010
Rangoli: Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010


lakshmiraghu's picture

wow!!beautifl!!nice colours...cute birds!!Wish you all the best!

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Prema ma'am cute kolam

Karthikeyansurya's picture

Amma nalla iruku

chitrameena.b's picture

a beautiful rangoli!all d beshht!

jkmrao's picture

First look - attractive,
Creativity - traditional with a novel hint,
Details - Could have used natural colours, outside white circles give a nice look,
Symmetry - decent,
Overall - very good.

Regards! - mOhana

R. Surya's picture

very nice. birds are very cute. all the best

pankaja's picture

Premaji simply beautiful!!3 in 1 closely packed to survive margazhi pani!!

ushavenkatesh's picture

lovely birds. all the best.

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akka kolam is very nice and excellent colour combination. All the best.

Sharanya's picture

nice color combination all the best

nivethitha's picture

athai it is very nice

pathne's picture

Very nice. Simple n neat. All the best mami.

Rajusree's picture

Romba pretty kolam.

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

kolam is very pretty, all the best

sumithravenkat's picture

nice! all the bestt !

shyamsundar's picture

all the best

R. Prema's picture

thanks all

judelined's picture

Neat colouring and nice kolam - all the best Smile

R. Kamala's picture

very very pretty and nice birds all the best

sankari k's picture

very wonderful!good looking!all d beshht!

pavithra venkat's picture

gorgeous rangoli!all d beshht!

venkatasubramanian's picture

a perfect rangoli!

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pakka perfect!

sujathakumar's picture

i like this kolam very much. all the best

Lata's picture

Beautifully colored birds-rangoli! I like Pankaja's comment about the birds being too close to survive the Margazhi chilliness. Smile