Margazhi Day-9

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Hai to all...hope u like my freehand line kolam done on the 9th day of margazhi...eagerly waiting for ur views...

Rangoli: Margazhi Day-9


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Rani, free hand design with 'line' filling is fantastic.Different design from you. Blum 3

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your new wave line kolam supero super.color combo is so beautiful. :love: :love: :star: :star: :star: design very nice. :star: :star:

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Fine kolam Rani. On a first sight I thought it might be of Lakshmis.

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fantastic work rani! second layer paakkumpothu :beer: suthuthu :bigsmile:

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achchacho, sugu , yellathaiyum orediya kudichiteengala?

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suba kudikkalai pa athu maathiri suthuthu Biggrin

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suba and over aah thaan irukku...konjam new yr celebrations kaaga micham veyyngappa... Wink

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Hahaha Thane cyclone (windy ) kolam... Wink sooooo much cyclone effect :tired: ?? Smile Rani it has come out very beautiful dear keep it up...

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yes pa correctaa sonninga Smile

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See u believe na that i've got 6th,7th and even 8th sense....sensed about that cyclone last sunday ie...9th day of margazhi itself na...hehe Wink

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Rani,Ah!! :O u have 6,7,8th sence !!!only, Sad oh thats all... ah!! I see hehehe :~ Fool

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Hehe...senior... rangoli devi has got more than that....i am junior to u rombo aasai padaleppa... Wink Wink

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no words to describe this blu beauty rani,,, something different from ur usuals,,, awesome

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A different design with neat finish.. Lovely colour combination.......

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Thanks a lot rajamma mam, suba, viji mam, sugu, laksh, uma and jasree for enjoying this kolam... Smile

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Wow...This looks very different Rani. Liked this beauty very much. Great work. Smile

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Biggrin Pretty one Ranima, liked the patterns filling... must have consumed so much time to do this... hats off to u dear. Smile

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superb oucome spell bound :star:

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Thanks a lot sowmi, push dear and tara for enjoying this kolam... Smile