Margazhi day-8

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Hai to all...this multi coloured sikku kolam is my margazhi day-8 kolam...eagerly waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: Margazhi day-8


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rani ayyo how many birds you caught in the net...why you caught fishes also Biggrin :bigsmile:

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Hehe laksh...u there aah...byeeee dear...see u after sometime... Blum 3 Wink Biggrin


Awesome creation Rani. Superb colors & strokes. As usual Perfectionist means Queen. Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin :bigsmile:

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Wow such neat presentation rani :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Very Neat n colourful presentation Rani!!!!!

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Tnks gomathy( our sowmi's another name is Perfect Pankajam perfectionist enral avanga than...haha), sugu and jasree for enjoying this kolam Smile

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very nice

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super rani lovely colourful kolam.

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neat and colorful,,, perfect beauty,,, :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Wow!you are sikku kolam expert.Beautiful ,big sikku kolam. Wonderful coloring.

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Wow Ranima I loved this kolam a lot... looks so good pa... where did you buy the ruler do let me know :bigsmile: Wink

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wonderful raNi ma'm. but feeling one square needs to be there near the yellow & green rounded corners, seeing some dots left alone Biggrin

really fishes & birds are caught in the net Smile

Pushpa me too wanted to ask the same question Smile Wink

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Thanks reva(nice to see u), bala,uma, ananthi mam, push darling and anirudh(hehe yes ...i didn't notice whenever i start doing a kolam... sowmi's perfect strokes always flashes in my i am trying my level best Blum 3 Wink :bigsmile:

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Lovely. I also try to put colours instead of white powderr but it doesn'T come out brightly. It looks bright only in the photo!

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very nice