Marapachi Doll Decor Contest

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About Marapachi Doll Decor Contest:

PFA the required picture for the contest.
Decoration has been done using paper, kundan and beads.

Divya Venugopal

marapachi doll decor contest 2010
Rangoli: Marapachi Doll Decor Contest


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Very beautifully decorated dolls this one is. The idea of using gift paper for the clothes is really different from the usual clothes available in the market. This way you can design it your way and make it look as dressy as possible as the shine makes the difference. Lovely contrast combinations for both the dolls. The lace makes the skirt look very attractive. Stones add beauty. The gold veil and turban look very pretty. Looks like just the right pinch of everything. Well done. All the best Smile

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lovely marapaachi dolls decoration....the colour combination is very good....the accessories are very beautiful especially the nethichutti....

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Well Done.. Judy has highlighted all the points.. All the best.

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cool....i too like the use of paper...neatly done...all the best

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Yes, the using shiny paper seems to be easy and looking grand too! Very attractive!

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Oh colourful decoration dear.

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Rich and attractive colour combination........beautiful

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wonderful decoration with gift papers, shining like satin attire.If the groom is sleepy somebody wiil kidnap his lady love I think.

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Very creative use of materials such as paper, colourful beads and glitter. Extremely good finish and you have preserved the natural look of marapachi, without trying to make it look different.

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very impressive choice of material and excellent finish. You also preserve the natural look of the marapachi dolls. keep it up

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looks different.....all the best

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Fantastic... the kundan stones, and beads malai, the outfit everything looks so beautiful... good one

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Very beautiful and nice use of colour papers.

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very innovative