Marapachi Decoration and Deepa kolam for Navarathri

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Deepa kolam put for Navarathri this year . Have arranged different lamps and decorated them with rangoli rather than having the usual park and zoo.

Rangoli: Marapachi Decoration and Deepa kolam for Navarathri


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Good collection and display of vilakku.. Th Paavai vilakku (the Lady with lamp in her hand) draws my attention.. The colored borders are too charming and gets highlighted in the picture.. I feel you could have drawn some simple border around the pretty candles too..
Any specific reason for placement of mirror and could see decorative scabbard, any chance for a full view of the diety...

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This is look at...d kolams look like necklaces to me....sooo lovely...

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Everything looks so nice. I liked the Paavai Vilakku and the border colurful rangoli surrounding the paavai and others.


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Nicely done! Is it ikolam that inspired you to have rangolis around the lamps than park or zoo?

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Hi Jaya.

Thanks for you nice comments.. Its usual that we get to see parks and zoo etc done in everyones house during dushera. So thought would do something different and kept the lamps. Did the rangoli around them to decorate the place and also highlight the lamps. Have placed kundan stones inbetween to give the effect of a necklace.

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Nice arrangement with different vilakku, especially the multi lamp with kalasam arrangement is too good.

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Wish to thank you all for the lovely comments. The mirror is one of the many things placed in our hall at home.. Just placed it next to the deepams so that one could get the reflection of all the lamps in the mirro too. Further the multi colour lamp is a terecotta one ( clay).. The colour was orginally the one as the coconut on top. I painted it with different colours, stuck a few mirrors and got the electrical bulbs put in. Further have posted pictures of the diety in the blog.. probably they would be published in a day or two.

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lovely collection of vilakku and its decoration with hanging garlands (COLOURFUL Rangoli BORDERS)

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very very very very nice, and gorgeous.

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A unique and awesome decoration. Lamps and the border around them are simply superb.

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The paavai vilakku is really pretty and your simple yet unique decoration around the lamps is really good. Neatly arranged and well displayed - thanks for sharing Smile

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very beautiful arrangement of vilakku and the rangoli looks like garlands around them...nice idea....

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I really like this unusually enlifting picture.

Regards! - mOhana

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Really very pretty.
Manathai kavarkirathu.
Very good.
Thanks for sharing

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kuthu viLakku, paavai viLakku, terecotta viLakku all are well arranged.very nice.

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It is really very nice.

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Nice idea. Will we get to see ur golu too?

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very nice