Maha Shivraathri spl kolam

ammuchandhini Sun, 03/10/2013 - 05:02

Wow different n awesome creation rani dear... Lovely blue color... Superb pa... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :)
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Wooooooow......Lovely freehand design...... :) :) :) I can see a yogi praying sitting in padmasana... :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
Sun, 03/10/2013 - 22:44 Permalink

wow... sooo nicely conceptualized, this is great. The lamp design also looks like a devotee sitting with hands up and praying the Lord...too good with additonal flowers & leaves :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Tue, 03/12/2013 - 01:53 Permalink

Thanks anusha, anirudh, sowmi,laksh and profji for enjoying this creation and leaving ur precious comments :)
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