Madhubani Birds

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About Madhubani Birds : PRINT

This is my first attempt at Madhubani paintings. The design is freehand and the painting is done using drawing inks. Hope you all like it!

Rangoli: Madhubani Birds


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lovely painting anu...

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t. sailaja anu medam .the birds are very cut .... and this desine may suit for cution covers also .

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VEry nice painting with beautiful colors.

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Very nice color combination. I feel this picture will be suitable for rangoli also!

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anu maam, extraordinarily beautiful, look at the birds having a unique feather on its head. looks something different, the painting is also very nice. can i no which type of inks did you use ?

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Different style of drawing and painting. Lovely colorful birds.( wondering what will be the color of their little ones!!)

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very beautiful and neatly coloured. Is it done on the cloth to hang to the wall.

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wow beautiful. good one and great one.

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super painting,super work.

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excellent work and color combination

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wonderful colour combination

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Very nice and colourful with catchy borders..

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What a beauty... how lovely it would be if we had these cute birds in reality

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excellent painting madam. birds are so cute.

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looks appealing

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Thanks all for the kind words of encouragement. Sudha mam, I used drawing inks for painting. Some people also use poster colours for Madhubani paintings, but drawing inks on handmade paper seems to be the standard.

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Cute birdies with branches of lovely flowers, Anu! Painting looks very professional:)

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Both very pretty birds and proud of their colours also - extremely neat work Smile

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The birds are telling each other, "What a fine pair of hands my memsahib has"!
Really fine work.

Regards! - mOhana