Maakolam - Floral deisgn

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About Maakolam - Floral deisgn:

Pl provide inputs to help and improve my kolams and designs

Rangoli: Maakolam - Floral deisgn


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Beautiful maa kolam Lakshmi mam. If experts like you seek inputs from others for improvement, then what should we do. Now, you have to guide us and share your ideas with us in making such beautiful maa kolams


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Beautiful maa kolam with kavi

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wow fantastic maa kolam!-suguna murugesan

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Very beautiful maa kolam. The outer design one lotus and the other arc like design looks unique. As Maha said you people have to guide others.

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very beautiful and gud one.

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Beautiful kolam with wet maavu.slight symmetry variation on the right side.Since it is a free hand design we cannot have 100% perfection. The borderdecorations are very cute. ( just like u want our inputs to improve, we also want your valuable comments on others work)

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Lovely maakolam lakshmi mam....looks gorgeous on ur floor....

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superb made maakolam design...beautiful..

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Pretty maa kolam.
Your recent maa kolams titled "Old wine in new bottle" & "Spider web" had very neat and beautiful designs.... enjoyed them very much.

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nice and beautiful maakolam.

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All your maakolams are wonderful. Love them

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very neat and perfect.

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I agree with Maha.Awesome!very neat and clean design .exhibited very well.Hats of to u dear

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Simply fantastique!!!

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excellent creation