Maa Kolam

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hiiii...this is a maa kolam done by my SIL(manni) who is a very familiar ikolam member....can you guess the member......!!!!i know you will guess it very quickly.....guessing game once again????

Rangoli: Maa Kolam


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Beautiful work! But you should've discouraged your (and your manni's) facebook friends from giving out the answer. I know the answer, but, will keep quiet just to not spoil the fun. Thanks for sharing this. :0

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Haiyya...haiyya...i know who it is...i know....i believe i know ....hahaha...awesome maakolam done by u da....but god promise i didn't get any clue from u anisha or ur manni....

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Double ezhai wet maavu padikolam is neat and nice.
I know the answer, let everybody reply.
But one thing , in any game you should give some clue.... it is a must.

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Let me give the clue. it is hiding in thie comment colomn!

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again,,,,sowmya?suguna murugesan

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lovely double ezhai maakolam done by Sowmya mam.

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wonderful soumya mam..very beautiful kolam..very nice strokes...!

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a different method of joining lines, i learnt a new method thank you, a beautiful presentation.

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looks lovely and neat, by d way about d guess, he he he aala vidinga pa saami

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Very nice wet maavu kolam done by Sowmya. The border design clearly shows that it is sowmya's work.


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Wow what a perfectly done maakolam with excellent lines as if drawn by a ruler. Loved it.

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I think it is Sowmy cos of the border

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Anisha, when r u going to give away the answer? Come on fast fast.


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Yes, it's vijayasowmiya! am i right?

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all the guess are right......

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wow ivlo seekiram results declare panniyache!!!!-suguna murugesan

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Good that you have declared the results so fast.


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wonderful creation

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its really good ya