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About Love!:

This is a bit complicated as I substituted a round
candle picture photographed vertically from above
for the letter o. Where the L's meet a beautiful
svAstika (anti-clockwise) is created.

- mOhana

new year
Rangoli: Love!


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mOhanaji, looks like you've taken great pains to extract the letter O from the candle picture. I was just wondering...wouldn't it be much easier to make that filled circle with the same effect using graphical tools, instead of cropping/cleaning up from a picture? Or maybe you just wanted to make use of a candle (in this subject) since candles do evoke feelings of love?

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That is right, I wanted to use a candle
to show that love is a form of radiation
like light. Thanks for your encouragement.
Regards! - mOhana

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Lata / mOhanaji ,

You know story goes - Thread asked wax why you melt - Wax answered your are in my heart if you suffer I am bound 2 to share u r tears ... Hope love starts in candle !!

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your LetterLove design and the candle story are superb

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Not only does the L shape junction make a swastik but the E also makes a cross and I am sure many who have been in love will agree that we have to carry a cross also at some point of time??