Lotus Rangoli

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This is a doted lotus rangoli. dots for this rangoli is 21x11 in between dots(sandhu pulli)

Rangoli: Lotus Rangoli


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Exotic and so dramatic Lakshmi! And the yellow is a little hard on the eyes (or that is just my eyes I think).
Some time ago, you asked me for themes to make rangolis on, if you remember. I've a whole page coming up on that after the contest is over, but in the mean time, here is a starter : How about making one on water lilies, since water lilies and lotuses are not that different, but they are so nonetheless, don't you think?

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Lata,thank u infact i had the same thinking before i was uploading in the site.
regarding water lillies can u brief little more...i don't seem to get ur idea.