Lotus kolam

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This is straight dot kolam. The dot count for this kolam is 17-1.

Rangoli: Lotus kolam


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beautiful col kolam meena...

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Very nice,meena

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wow meena, a new shape of the lotus petal looks great and the buds are too beautiful

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it was really nice keep it up always nice collections from your side thankyou for sharing

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It seems you always like to make big kolams ans colour it. This is very neat and beautiful but for the lotuses you could have goven only two colours to keep up the symmetry:) otherwise this is so pretty:)

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colourful lotuses

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Meena, I always love all your rangoli designs and the way you draw with stylish strokes. Here the individual lotus and the inner designs are very pretty, but when put together there is no symmetry in color. Why not u pay little attention in this area?With color symmetry all ur creations will become more super.

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Hi meena. very pretty and beautiful kolam. the outer lines and the lotus petals are very nice. Why always there is lack of colour symmetry in your kolams.

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Lotus and cotton flower look good.

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Good and careful drawing. Could have taken better care of the symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Meena your kolams are really neat and I am sure if you follow what everyone else have said with regard to colouring the result would be much better. I think I have already suggested JKM's blog on colour symmetry sometime back and if you have not found the time to read it I am pasting the links once more for your convenience. Try this once and see the difference Smile



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Mostly for these type of kolams I've seen single line outline, You have done it with double stroke which makes it so Pleasant.
And the rest given by members..