Lord Narayana

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About Lord Narayana:

This picture was first drawn by me today. Please comment how it is...

Rangoli: Lord Narayana


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Wow...ur drawing of d Lord Narayana is excellent...if d base paper was a white sheet it would've been even more bright dear....nice try....

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wow gayu! superb!-suguna murugesan

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u r a born artist.indeed divine .perfect drawing dear .keep it up!

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Beautiful one. Will be better if you colour it.


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nice try, looks divine

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Wow beautifully drawn. The face and eyes of the God looks very good. You should have outlined it with a darker sketch pen or marker pen after drawing in pencil, it would have looked much more brighter dear.

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very very beautiful drawing .of Narayana.

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Nice drawing. want to see more from you.

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Very neatly done drawing....great!!!