Lord Kailasanathar in Denver

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About Lord Kailasanathar in Denver :

Hi Friends,
Lord Shiva is bored of Himalayas and so he is visiting Denver and enjoying the snow in our backyard Smile Luckily today it's snowing in Denver. Me and my husband created Lord Shiva in snow and decorated it.

Lord Shiva
Rangoli: Lord Kailasanathar in Denver


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Great idea of making Shivling in snow! Smile
Good teamwork too.

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Thanks Lata Smile

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What a wonderful thought! I have seen people making Sivalinga with sand too. Good luck and thanks for your courage and conviction! Regards - mOhana

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Thank you:)

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wow,how lucky you are! making lingam out of snow is very nice idea.made it very beautiful and decorated with flower.Thanks for sharing. Smile

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Thank you Subashini mam Smile

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very innovative...nice team work Smile

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Thank you Anirudh Smile

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Wow..What a wonderful idea!!! Very lucky you are to create a Snow shivalingam at your home. Very well made and decorated Very creative you are kalpana!!! Smile

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Thank you Sowmya mam Smile

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What a wonderful creation hats off Smile

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Thank you mam Smile


Wow Look so divine and great. Thanks for sharing such a divine creation. Good team work. Very Lucky to have snow Shivling in ur home... Smile

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Thank you Gomathi mam Smile

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Wow...this is new to me...haven't even seen himalayas lingham yet even as a picture....this creation is mind blowing kalpana...thanks a ton for ur effort and sharing Smile

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Thank you mam Smile

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Wow.....very creative idea kalpana....really you are lucky ...i like your snow shivalingam Smile

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Super! Great idea! Lovely Smile Smile :love: :love:

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Snow Shivlingh , very very innovative ....
Hats off to your team work and creativity.