Laxmi Hrudaya Kamala

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This Ranjoli is a religious Ranjoli. This is referred as Goddess Laxmi's Hrudaya Kamala. Draw this Ranjoli in a plate and Worshiping daily by keeping it in front of our home gods in Pooja room has a belief that, we are directly worshipping Goddess Laxmi's Heart. This brings all wealth, health and prosperity to the home.


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Hi sri, Is there any animated

Hi sri,

Is there any animated tutorial in ikolam for learning hrudaya kamala as i am unable to find it.

I am not getting the confidence to draw it in the floor.

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nice wrk... easy to

nice wrk... easy to learn.keep it up

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With different colours and

With different colours and bold dots this looks easy to learn.

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Paati taught me this

Paati taught me this hrudhaya kamalam kolam. I am practising it but does not come out perfectly.
Sahana(rajamma' granddaughter)

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Neat work dear :)

Neat work dear Smile

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Hi Srilakshmi maam welcome

Hi Srilakshmi maam welcome to the lovely family of Ikolam... this is a ver interesting kolam and tx for using different shades to differentiate the lines and the bold dots to make things easy for us... expecting more from u

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hai welcome ...nice new

hai welcome ...nice new version of hridayakamalam kolam....

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Welcome to ikolam

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Srilakshmi! Smile

This is new kind of Hrudhayakamalam that we see here at ikolam. The dotted squarish design looks pretty and we could see the dot grid arrangement very clearly. Thank you for sharing your artwork here at ikolam. Smile