last of pink kaavi !

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this is the last kolam with pink kaavi,i could not get this colour kaavi this time,so a adieu to the pink kaavi after this friday kolam.

Rangoli: last of pink kaavi !


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Nice pattern with lotus flowers. I like the alternating closed-petals flowers too. I see some bright white arcs at the four corners of the innermost square. Do you mix in kolam powder with the kolam rice flour? Smile

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no lata didi i use only the kolam powder.those bright lines overlap the square to form the outer circle,this one looks nice in maa kolam,where the lines nicely merge.

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Deepa the lotus flowers are the crowning glory for this kolam - slim and neat. As Lata mentioned, alternating closed and open lotus flowers is the highlight..

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Its very pleasing, Deepa Ma'am.... You have a unique way of executing your style..... so sad that pink colour would be missing hereafter..... but am sure you would have found a new touch to endure your work...... all the best... and thanks for sharing such wonderful designs....

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Deepa ... it has come up really good along with grass ..

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"Thaamarai pootha thadaagamadi" endru paadalaam pole irukku.

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The kolam looks beautiful, and again green & pink adds cuteness to your kolam