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About lakshmI:

On the eve of varalakshmIpUjA this rangOli has been drawn. With Her blessings, this is also dedicated to all those who wear Her name as their names Smile The name as spelled in English has perfect two-fold symmetry. When written in circular fashion, it reads the same way clockwise or counter clockwise!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: lakshmI


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Its very nice, JKMji....

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Nice one Mohanaji!the middle that ambigram?

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Yes, it is an ambigram for lakshmI, a bit difficult to do, though. The left hand side ones give a 3d effect (the top one like a high rise apartment complex and the bottom one like a stair case). The right ones give the left right crossovers. This is quite novel, not normally found. If only we could design an alphabet like this!

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji this creation has come up good...pavan trying this from today morning...trying...trying..............

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Superb one! At the first sight it looked like Japanese script to me! Great work done with lot of patience!

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gr8... wonderful usage of ambigrams

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Very innovative JKM - neat and nice Smile