Kuzhal Kolam

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About Kuzhal Kolam:

Hai Friends... I made this kuzhal kolam today... Your views plz...

Rangoli: Kuzhal Kolam


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WOW...WOW...thanks a lot jasree....my favourite mango design now in kuzhal....biiig and beautiful....

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Very nice kuzhal kolam, look like a henna design.


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vERY PRETTY. The tortoiseshell design for the mango is nice. your kuzhal is doing wonders.

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Pretty paisleys, Jayanthi.

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WOW ! mango kuzhal design for children's Day !! the cuves inside the mango look like fish scales !
looks beautiful Jasree Smile

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Very Neat Presentation Jayanthi. Cute Paisley's and the pefect circle at the centre. (Need to try after Rani presents me with a kuzhal, Rani are you listening?) The twirls and the outer design are crisp and beautifully made.

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Ya ya...i am also waiting to present it to u personally...that means when is ur trip to india going to be...or shall i courier it he...he...that courier company will sue me for sending this all d way to singapore....says chandhini....ha...ha...ha...

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Raniiii ..aha!!again u presenting kuzhal to vinci. what is this hmm ?? jayanthi it has come out very very nice..looks bright and beautiful...

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Thanks for hearing me Rani Wink

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No no lakshmiiii....chellam...this will take place only after presenting u one when i am coming to ur house next month....truptiya....(r u satisfied)...hahaha...

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hahah thank u dear....

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Lakshmi, this is not fair, Azugachi ellam koodathu (No Cries).. Look Rani has given you an explanation. Rani only one for Lakshmi. Okva

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ah!!only one for me..Rani give small one to vinci...hehe

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Idennada vamba irukku (whats dis quarell going on )....vinci... kuzhal means only one piece ...do u mean u need a dragger too....he..he..Iam going to start a small scale industry for producing kuzhals and draggers anybody willing to give financial help...hahaha...

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financial help...!!!Rani ask ur best friend...hehe

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hAHAHA LAKSHMIII...I can't stop laughing loudly....ok...its (not fool ) and final....one 4 lined to vinci and 10 lined for u ...now its ok na...

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Lakshmiii...do u want me out of this place permanently....i can see it in ur last comment...hahaha..

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Bright and beautiful,jasree

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very nice jayasree.

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very beautiful, Jasree .You are doing wonders with Kuzhal.

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Neat and beautiful kolam, Jayanthi.

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perfect paisleys jsri,superb

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Jayanthi maam very pretty mango design and so nicely done using kuzhal hats off to u.

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Very neat and beautiful Jayanthi. Very bright and catchy too.

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very very neat beautiful...nice work

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kaiyele kuzhal vannam kandom. aha arpudham.

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Extremely beautiful....feel so jealous!

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You surely have a different way of coming up with simple yet unique designs Jayanthi - this one is perfect Smile