Kutty poo kolangalin anivaguppu - 2 (collage of kutty poo kolams)

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About Kutty poo kolangalin anivaguppu - 2 (collage of kutty poo kolams) : PRINT

Teeney weeney poo kolams for teeney weeney spaces. These can be used as decoratives too to fill empty spaces in big kolams.. (again Lata to excuse me)

Rangoli: Kutty poo kolangalin anivaguppu - 2 (collage of kutty poo kolams)


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Lovely collection indeed! Smile
Idhu enna?? Summa summa excuse me...excuse me!!? Ethna thara excuse panradhu ?:)

(I'm teasing Judy here, as she seems to put together freehand and dotted versions in a mixed up order, and she uploads it with a message as seen above). :0

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that lovely judelined, kutty kutty kolam

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Judy, such a nice collection of 32 kutty kutty kolams. This is very useful to draw in pooja rooms and in front of tulsi. Thank you sooooooooooo mUCh.

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Thanks Lata (for excusing me (giggle:P), Vyjayanthi and Padma (absolutely right) for your comments Smile

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this is gorgeous judy...avasaramna 4-5 kolathai eduthu oru shake panni podalampole...epdi en idea...

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hai judy, how r u? beautiful collection of kutty kutty kolams. thanks for sharing.

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hai judy, how r u? beautiful collection of kutty kutty kolams. thanks for sharing.

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Judy, Flat kolam, Studio kolam, pooja room kolam and kitchen top kolam ellam poyi ippadi teeny weeny kolam pottu Anivaguppukku anupichchitteengale. Ini Yaarum kolam poda edam illai endru complaint pannittu summaa irukka mudiyaadhu! Good collections.!

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superb designs. all r gud one and great dear

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wow!! lovely flower garden..all kolams are superbbbb....

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Aha Jude achathitte poa.
Fentastic idea of kutty kolam.
Chinna malarkal orea koodayil.

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ஜன்னலை திறந்ததும் வீசும் தென்றலை போல இதமாக இருக்கு உங்க குட்டி கோலங்களின் அணி வகுப்பு!

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excellent great ideas flamboyant drawing

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If one could print this on a paper with gum on one side, they will be very handy as stickers to go with letters and on envelopes. Good work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow excellent Judy mam. All r very cute and veryhandy.

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wow cool collage of small rangolis. we normally have the short cuts for different tasks put on the cubical walls this can be used similar.... paste the printout behind the door and in morning just have look at it and then draw Smile thanks sooo much Judy

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L.K.G., Tiny tots kuzhandaigalai paarthathu pol paravasamaaga irukkiradhu, indha kolangalin anivagippu, Judy!

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Wow!! so many lovely lovely comments for my teeny weeny kolams - I am overwhelmed.. Thanks a ton Rani, Usha, Rajam, Alamelu, Lax, Viji, Jaya, Shathi, JKM, Padma, Anirudh and Brindha for your encouraging words and I promise I will give you more of this kind very soon Smile

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Wow Judy your small wonder kutty kolams are so so beautiful... everything is different and pretty... not only will learners benefit even people like me wud benefit (of course I am still a learner)

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அழ அழகா கோலம் போட்டு அசத்துறீங்க ஜூடி,குட்டி குட்டி யாயும் போட்டு குஷி படுத்தவும் செய்யிறீங்க.என்னதான் பாக்கி வெச்சிருக்கீங்க ?எண்ணி எண்ணி பார் க்கி றேன் தெரியலையே ஜூடி .

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Kutty kolams are very pretty.

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kutty kutty kolam romba azhaga irukku.

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WoW.. " Kutti kutti sticker kolam" Supero super.. Ippadi asathitinga... And I'm seeing your double stroke kolam for the first time, need to peep into your gallery. Expecting more.....

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Thank you Pushpa (we are all still learners), Subashini (super kavithai - mikka nandri), Shobha, Sree and Vinci (glad you noticed my double strokes - tried for the first time actually) for your sweet comments Smile

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hiiii jude auntiee.... how are u
i was checking for sum kolams for margazhi.. simple and gud ones... u are here too to help me...
thanks aunty....