Kutty collection of chikku kolams

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Here are a few 4 - 4 straight kolams which I am sure many of you would already know. This is another set from my collection of tiny kolams - hope you enjoy it Smile


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Thanks Vinci - she is not

Thanks Vinci - she is not fond of it because being an anglo-indian it is not part of our culture.

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That's a lovely set of

That's a lovely set of kolams... My all time favorite is the fourth one..
Judy, I admire your love towards kolam though your mother is not fond of it.

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Thank you Pushpa (eagerly

Thank you Pushpa (eagerly waiting to see your collages soon), Viji (fortunately or unfortunately my mum is not so fond of kolams so no experimenting in her house but most of her neighbours use only coloured chalk there), Lata (look for them soon as I am eager to see it), Sree, Padma and Jayanthi (please download the software soon and upload for us to enjoy) for your encouraging comments as always Smile

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Nice ones Judy. I too have

Nice ones Judy. I too have set 5 dots kolams for collaged. But my fotoshop installation is not happening. I lost the previous one due to some virus.

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Cute cutties and a good

Cute cutties and a good collection judy.

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nice collections.

nice collections.

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hai judy. Trying to put

hai judy.
Trying to put these in your mamas flat?
Very nice ya.

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Good collection. I need to

Good collection. I need to look through my files to dig out a similar one done a long time ago.

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Cute kutty kolams Judy, I hv

Cute kutty kolams Judy, I hv made an exact collage, and credit goes to u, cos I started doing them after seeing ur collages

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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your comments, Rani, Veni, Lax, Brindha, Padma, JKM, Chandy, Jaya, Rajam (please see your kolam - I have already commented there) and Sudha - you guys always make me want to give more and more Smile

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Judy all the four dotted

Judy all the four dotted kolam looks fantastic.

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By the way Judy,

By the way Judy, ongalukkum Paambu endraal bayamaa? why no comment for my snake kolam?

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Naalu, Naalu pulli vechu

Naalu, Naalu pulli vechu Naanaavidha kolam pottu Nallaa Asaththeeteenga Judy.

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குட்டி கட்டங்களில் சுட்டி கோலங்களின் அணிவகுப்பு! சுதந்திர தினம் நெருங்குதல்லவா?

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Good collection! Regards!

Good collection!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very cute n sweet kutty

Very cute n sweet kutty kolams. Thanks for this Judy maam.

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Your kutties are smiling

Your kutties are smiling like you, Judy Smile

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Lovely collections judy keep

Lovely collections judy keep it up

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Lovely collections,judy

Lovely collections,judy

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hai judy...very useful for

hai judy...very useful for beginners and also who r also facing space constraint....