Kutti Kolam (Margazhi)

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Drew this fully bloomed Lotus on a Tue' Margazhi Mor'..

Rangoli: Kutti Kolam (Margazhi)


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Saras, lotus looks happy to be blooming at your front door. Nice double colors in the leaves. (pass one my kind regards to your mom-in-law please).

And, one more thing - please send us some love during next valentine's day Wink

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Hehe Lata I like your last line very much Blum 3 Saras did you hear Lata?? Well this is a fresh lotus for sure and the texture of your colouring looks good Smile

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I don't usually take the liberty to ask someone individually for a kolam, or to participate in an event, but with Saras, I crossed the line. Smile

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you lotus kolam looks very nice and neatly drawn.

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Cute lotus with nice coloring texture. Lata you are right! Silaridam nAm urimaiyOdu ketkalAm!

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saras,hmmm modern lotus looks very nice ..