kudai kolam for margazhi

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It is raining.All of you are worrying about it.so I had sent kudais for you.

Rangoli: kudai kolam for margazhi


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thank u subha for ur kutti umbrellas so that v could protect our kolams frm d rain, he he he

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Very nice kudai kolam Subha..

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Thanks a lot for your cute gift.


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Suba so cute this is and tx dear for sending us the umbrellas

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uma, These are folding umbrellas.so you can expand it.Thank you uma, jayanthi,mahalakshmi,pushpa.

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Vanavillai Chuttri ( around the rainbow) seven umbrella kolam is very very cute. Thank u rain!

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Rajam, Thank you very much.How are you?

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Aha, malaikku kudaipedi.
Nice imagination.

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viji, Thank you .

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wonderful idea!

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Thank you indu.

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very beautiful kudais for rains....nice 3D effect surrounding your kudais...

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Thank you vijaysowmya.

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Wonderful idea suba...and umbrellas as a sikku kolam is so cute....

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your umbrella sikku kolam looks very beautiful,suba

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very very nice creation..subhashini ji thanks a lot for timely help!!! hehe

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Very Beautiful, so creative you are.

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Last night I had a dream of buying a new umbrella and what a surprise this is to me - I am reserving the umbrella on the right top corner Suba Smile

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Thank you rani,veni,lakshmi, soumitra, and jude.But the original idea was not mine.I found the kudai design in another website, Thanks goes to the unknown person.I modify the design in my way in photo shop.

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Very nice kudais with good colour effect.

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Nice umbrellas with colourful background.

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Thank you pragaya and kameswari.

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wonderful Kudai kolam, Subashini.

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Thanks for ur kudai kolam Subhaji...-Indira Sundar

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Thanks for your concern, One for me too:)

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nice gift :)....thanks for providing them for protecting form the rains

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Very nice chikku umbrellas.
(In our house, Surya is trying to make one of these.)

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சுபாஷினி, மார்கழி குளிருக்கு sweater /கம்பளி எப்போ குடுக்க போறீங்க? (when are you going to give us sweater/blanker for margazhi's chill weather)