Krishna's feather

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In lIlASuka's SrIkRshNa karNAmRtam, there is a SlOka (sragviNi metre)
which runs like this:

aMganA maMganA maMtarE mAdhavO
mAdhavaM mAdhavaM cAMtarE nAMganA
ittha mAkalpitE maMDalE madhyagaH
saMjagau vENunA dEvakInaMdanaH

He stands between two dancing damsels
and there is a woman between two identities of His
At the centre of the circle constructed thus
dEvakI's son plays the flute,
O, what a divine melody!

This is the first poem in rAsakrIDAshTakam.

I cannot draw peacocks like many of you.
I thought a feather will do to represent Him.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Krishna's feather


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I see sparkling cystals! Peacock-feather fan were always precious, too good to use!
The center design looks like a ring studded with precious stones.
You say you can't draw peacocks, buy this image of yours speaks volumes! Smile

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mohanaji , Your design has come up excellent ... what next ?? Hope " haribooma "

Belive it ... have drawn one rangolis this morning in front of my house, thinking what name I should give it !!! Now I got it.... hv just uploaded the same
named it as " Krishna's feather rangoli ".

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Lakshmi, you've mentioned that yesterday you'd uploaded a peacock rangoli in the site. I see 2 of your rangolis in the queue (rangoli carpet and navadhaniya Ganesha), but I don't see a peacock rangoli. Not yet atleast! Smile
Looks like someone is living and dreaming rangolis Smile

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Lata, thanks .. its said " dream makes the world " now dream has come true... can you
see in IKOLAM now ???.... , Y'day till late evening upto 20:00 hrs its was not ok due to connectivity problem its was ok now and done to-day.

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Smile !!!

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mOhanaji, I could see Krishna dancing in the centre and all Gopikaa's going round and round dancing in the form of your designs.

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mohana your creativity is unbelievable... gives me so many ideas to create different kolams each time... this shows that there is no border line to define the word 'KOLAM"... looking out for more exciting ones from you.........