Krishnajayanthi / Janmashtami Rangoli

Our traditional dotted rangoli for Krishnajayanthi. Wish you all a happy Krishnajayanthi!
Please click the blue arrow located at the bottom to see how the strokes are drawn.


Lata ,all ready to receive Kutti krishna? This cradle reminds me my Happy 2009 cradle put on Jan 2nd)

Very nice & beautiful kolam "Cute Cute Krishna....this is Radha.....pls pls remove the swine flu from India" for you I ll sing one beautiful kannada song....."thuguve rangan thuguve krishnana"

bahut sunder

Very beautiful animation. One of these days, I must make a string rangOli on one of these (dreaming :-) Regards! - mOhana

very very beautiful and good and friendly animation

Wooh,the beauty of drawing this kolam is definetly great and a cut above the rest of the rangoli drawn during the present day.Above all it has a mathematical concept too

Superb animation Lata - I am sure many will welcome this.... and Baby Krishna looks nice and comfy on your swing...

Very beautiful and nice animation.

Thank you for your comments everybody :)

with a very simple design you have made a creative thing

I'm glad you like it Ms.Charani and Ms.Sujata. :)

Very beautiful kolam, what software do you use for animation?

I'm glad you like the kolam, the animation was done in Flash.

Thanks for sharing the krishna cradle kolam. Its beautiful and easy to draw.

krishnanum thottilum koLLai azhagu latha.