krishna jeyanthi kolam

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About krishna jeyanthi kolam:

hi this is my krishna jeyanthi kolam...jus a free hand drawing...i hope u ppl like tis and pls post u r comments to upgrade myself

krishna janmashtami
Rangoli: krishna jeyanthi kolam


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Beautiful creation and the colours are so bright as though it is really lighted up by the Sun in the rangoli. THe tree look very beautiful. If the shading is done reversely (darker shade of yellow in the place of light yellow and vice-versa) it would have been more attractive.

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Amazing work, inside and out. Smile

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Maheshji .WOW!!! very beautiful !!!,sun,tree looks very nice...keep it up.

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I like the background and border. Krishna's outline is not proportionate.

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sweet idea

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The colour combination is really good and the tree has come out very well - but I agree with Jaya on the proportion as Krishna's legs seem longer than his body... I like the border as the pink and white compliment each other...

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Good attempt

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Indha 'NEELamega Shyamalanai' romba azhga varanchrukkeenga. (u have drawn this Krishna very nicely.) The moon light , tree all nice, but if u had paid little more attention in shading it would be fantastic.It reminds "kaattrinile varum geetham" .

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but actually mam the shading also good...what i did was...jus edit it in picture manager tat 1ly looks orange and base color same..actually 3 diff color shading i used....

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Beautiful Krisha rangoli!
If this was edited in the Picture manager, what was the original color of the mountain?

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wow wonderful work...

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Wonderful Piece of Art, Maheshji..... Keep it up....

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I liked the moon behind the tree,, awesome creativity