Krishanar Padham

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This Krishnar padham have drawn during Gokulashtami.
the Outline is with Rice powder and fillings are with rice coloured with turmeric powder and kumkum.

Rangoli: Krishanar Padham


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very nice poopaadham of Lord Krishna... u could hva put red outline to the paadham so that it will be bright in the white floor.

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gives an aesthetic look...thanks for sharing....

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on gazing the thumbs i thought they were ear studs,, wow so gorgeous

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Lovely krishna padams

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Very nice krishna paadhams...

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Very nice Krishna paadams

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Lovely padams

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very different Kannan Padam, look lovely and divine.

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Cute krishnar padam.

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nice poopadam of Lord Krishna.

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Soft flowerlike feet of kRshNa look divine.

Regards! - mOhana

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Or maybe you could have filled the gaps around both the feet with rose petals to make it appear that Lord Krishna was walking on a carpet of roses. This is really something new I have never seen before - very nice Smile