kolam with dots

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hai to all...this dotted kolam 15-15 straight dots...was done by me....ur views pl.....

Rangoli: kolam with dots


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beautiful dotted kolam mam..i love this one ...thanks for uploading..

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thank u sarala....

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This kolam comes out very nice.rani

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Pisare illatha neligal.. Loved your strokes..
Madam you could have added Kaavi, your trade mark effect to this kolam..

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Very neat presentation, nice rani madam

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thank u veni, vinci...(actually one evening poludu pogaame idai potten...thats why simple) and nithya....

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Lovely chikku kolam but it is tough to me because chikku kolam is not easy to me anyway i try to put this kolam................

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Rani, the kolam is very neat. it looks like "Kalyani" means pond which has four entrances with steps.

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nice chikku kolam ugran.

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very nice...today itself i will try ....

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very nice chikku kolam rani..Very neat presentation..looks nice

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Rani maam very very neatly done kolam.. this chikku kolam looks fantastic

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thank u meena(just try...u will succeed),padma(thanks for d information),alamelu mam,radha(waiting to hr d appreciations u get from ur family and neighbours), lakshmiiii and pushpa....thanks again to all of u...

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Very, very lovely/ Neat strokes

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Neatest puillikolam. Rani, it loks like a Kovil with 4 praakaarams and 4 entrances the inner cute kolam as the Garbagraham. U have good selection of chikku kolam designs.

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This is a marvellous one! Actually, thsi remionds me of a temple tank with a manTapam at the centre and a flight of steps all around.

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u chandy, rajamma mam(ennaachu...out of stationaah...),and jkm sir....

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azhagana sikku kolam Rani.

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thank u suba mam...

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Wow Rani and Veni - sabash seriyaana chikku kolam jodi you both are. Rani I am so happy to see this chikku kolam from you, looks absolutely stunning Smile

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Raniyum, Veniyum potti pottugittu asatharaanga. Very neat and beautiful theppa kula kolam, Rani:)

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thank u judy and brindaaaaa....what happened...romba naala alaye kanom....