Kolam in Grass

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Hi friends, This photo was taken from 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, Dubai (world's tallest building). When i had a glance at this, it reminded me of Jaya mam's navadhaniya kolam (http://www.ikolam.com/node/16085?p=940).

Rangoli: Kolam in Grass


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Wow...really an amazing one....How you were able to take this...thanks for sharing this beauty with us...

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Wonderful photo. You must have taken by zooming the camera.

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Awesome photo maha and thanks for sharing it with us...

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Maha maam thanks for this photo...it looks so cute

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Wow, Thank you so much Mahalakshmi for associating the landscape to my kolam and sharing the aerial view of it!

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Wonderful photo.....thank you

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wonderful view.Thanks for sharing maha.

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Thanks for sharing Mahalakshmi.. The arial view reminds me of the Crop Circle Smile

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What a beautiful grass kolam of Dubai. Thank you very much Maha for sharing this with us. Also I had missed Jaya mam's navadhanya kolam. sooooo pretty. Awesome.

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Wow indeed a great photograph

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Thanks to all for your feedback.