Kolam for Pongal

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About Kolam for Pongal : PRINT

This is the padi / traditional kolam done by me for Pongal. I have done some partial colouring. This is my first attempt for colour padi kolam. Please send your comments / feedback for improvement.

Rangoli: Kolam for Pongal


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WOW....Maha...awesome dear...will u believe if i say i did d same design in parrot green and red col...( i think i saw this in mangayar malar...)urs has come out so lovely as usual on ur lovely floor....

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Rani mam, you are right. I got this design from Mangaiyar malar. Can you please upload your version? Let us all enjoy the beauty of your kolam.


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Oh sure dear...after my queue of just 2 kolams gets done ..i shall share it ...anyways it was also done as a margazhi kolam only ...

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very nice maa kolam with good partial coloring.......

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First class attempt Maha - looks so lovely with colours too. I thought you had painted it on the floor - lovely.

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very nice kolam on ur coloured maa kolam. on the whole the kolam looks very bright and beautiful.

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Very very beautiful padi kolam

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Very very beautiful maa kolam from you Maha mam....neat work with good coloring....you have such a wonderful floor which highlights your kolams very well.
Regarding the colors i use all of them are bought from the local market in Thane and ready to use...sometimes i mix colors with white powder to get very light colors....also I recycle all the colors and try to get a new combination..No special way of coloring just the normal way...I think I have answered your question...

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Beautiful Padi kolam. Nice colouring. Looks great.

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Beautiful maakolam with colouring. The ping n green combination is too good....

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Maa kolam looks very very pretty,maha

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Wow Maha maam awesome kolam dear... I love all your maakolams as well as ur MIL's maakolams very much, especially the padikolam variety and this one looks marvelous with colors... very nice one

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Your Mangaiyar Malar maakolam looks wonderful with lovely colours, Maha. very neat execution.

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wounderful maa kolam with colouring..

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wow!!Beautiful maakolam with colouring......looks very bright and beautiful.

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Appealing work. I like this:)

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beautiful kanya kolam.

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Dear All, Thanks a lot for your feedback and appreciation.


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Very very beaitiful and neat. The partial colouring is a perfect idea

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Thank you Malathy mam.


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Hi Vasanthi, I saw ur comment today only. Thanks a lot dear for your appreciation.