Kolam for Margazhi

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Peacock designs with Rangoli. I took from the website. Thanks

Rangoli: Kolam for Margazhi


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Hi Manjula maam, Good colours, The peacock looks also like a conch. At first i thought you have design the shangu but later i realised that it was peacock when i read your description. The inside feathers are very cute. Thanks for sharing

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Peacocks doing gymnastics! Magenta nested stars look pretty.

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Nice design and colouring. However, I feel like calling the SPCA Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice how many dots

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Looks great!

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Peacock feathers come out very nice..keep it up

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peacock looks very beautiful super rangoli

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peacock looks very beautiful super rangoli

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Lovely peacock kolam with nice colours. The pink dots on the outline looks like the kolam is decorated with the serial set of bulbs. Beautiful creation.

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Nice work, Inside Detailing enhances the kolam, especially the peacock's..

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Dear All

Thanks for the compliments. Its 15X8 inter dots.

Manjula S

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So finally we get to see a big kolam from Manjula - as usual very pretty Smile