Kolam for Diwali

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This is the free hand kolam i made for Diwali using Dosa maavu. I have captured two images, with and without Diyas. The basic design has been taken from some other kolam in the internet. Your views and suggestions please.

Rangoli: Kolam for Diwali


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Nice execution of the design, and it looks beautiful with the diyas.

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very nice dosa maavu kolam with cute diyas.

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Superb padi kolam maha and d second one with d diyas is glowing....nice to see ur dosa submission after a long gap....

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The kolam has turned into a grand one with the addition of cute lamps. Nice design and neatly done.. Well done Maha.

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Maha, very pretty design and has come out beautiful. That too with diyas its looking toooo grand. Nice symmetry and cute diyas.

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very nice kolam..looks bright and beautiful....

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very nicely drawn dosa maavu kolam...the second one with diyas looks very beautiful...

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dosa maavu kondu kolam poda mudiyuma. kollame nanna than irukku gud one.

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after putting diyas..

it is looking more beautiful Smile

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Thanks for all your comments


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This twin combo is amazing - looks very very pretty Maha Smile

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Thanks Judy mam.


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Both looks beautiful Maha, but the ones with Diya looks more divine. I must say the floor tile color is a boon to your creations Smile

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Thanks Saras for your comments.


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Pretty kolam and the diyas make it prettier!

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Thanks Jaya mam for your feedback.


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pretty twin kolam Maha:-)

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Thanks Asha, for your feedback. I just checked your comment today.