Kolam 4

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About Kolam 4:

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Rangoli: Kolam 4


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Beautiful # 1 rangoli!
The description part- Sad

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No.1 No.1, Arivaran rangoli No.1.... Lata is that expression because you have not got the description right??

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That's right Judy, often times there's some sort of a proof in the description which conveys the idea that there is direct connection between the rangoli and the author. Without that information, I don't feel comfortable "keeping" any image in this site, I really don't want anyone emailing me to let me know that the original creator is someone else! It has happened before, and I have to answer to that. Smile

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i can imagine Lata... that too with lovely ones like this it would be nice to know more about it - the original creator, the medium used etc... looks like rice or sawdust to me...

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got to catch up with some sleep - good night Lata...

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crowning glory?

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Its very nice.