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About Kolam:

This is drawn with dots 31x1, straight dots.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Kolam


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Very elaborate and pretty kolam Lakshmi...by the time you are done making this the first thing in the morning...you would've had a great workout! I guess there is no need to go to any gym Smile

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Lata thanks for ur greetings,i definetly have no idea to go to gym!!!!

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Yes lata ,she use to draw rangoli every day at 4.00 am!!! no gym!!!!!! no yoga etc.......hahaha

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thank u bharathi hahah

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soooooooo big kolam!!!!!! very good

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thanks for ur comments anaga madam

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very beautifully made,too gud

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suhasini thank u soooo much

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Tell me the secret
you are having somemechine in your hand?

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Viji Mam ,thanks for ur compliments...