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April 1st (fools day) i put this design. chumma morning thonina design i have put for you all. There is no uniformity in the kolam. Just thought of sharing with you all

Rangoli: Kolam


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Chumma thonina designa?? Superb, Chumma palichnu oru kolam engal vizigalukku... Loved the outer border... And thanks for sharing your CTD kolam...

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Chumma pottadhey ippadi irukunna, Nalla potta eppadi irukkum? Beautiful design and wonderful kolam.

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wow alamelu mam just too good to be taken for granted

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ur CTD kolam put on 1st April for the sake of all kolapayithyams? looking great.

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very pretty CMTD kolam Amalelu - decorations are pretty inspite of missing uniformity Smile

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thank u all for your comments and this ctdCTD definition is simply superb . Thank u once again.

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chumma pottadhe ippiadi endral. porumaiya pottal engeyo poividuvieergal. simply super appu.

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Very nicely drawn. The occasional red is a nice relief. In the eastern end, why did you reverse the handedness of the question mark?

Regards! - mOhana

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question mark is wrong in one place. difference kandupidikka potten mohana. more over morning office porathukku minthi cheekaram potappo this mistake dear. presence of mind illai athakkum

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Alamelu maam if this is chumma pota kolam I wonder what would the nejama pota kolam be like... this is superb

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Your happy mood is reflected in your CTD kolam!

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Azagana kolaththirku golusu pottathupol erukku.

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beautiful kolam.

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thank u usha, dibbutn, jaya, vasi and sreegiri for your encouragement dears

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my dearest lata comment kadakkallai. hope pavam she is busy dear.

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very pretty...

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beautifully done

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wow!!! excellent....i like the design

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thank u anirudh and guru lakshmi mam