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About kolam:

This kolam made with 9 to 4 intermediate dots.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: kolam


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Nice pattern.. This looks as if it has been painted. Good colour combination..


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nice and beautiful mam

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This dotted design has come out very nice. I like your broad strokes. Next time you try this design, try using the same colors for all of the outer flowers. Smile

But we need to talk about two things to bring out better pictures. One is; please do not upload any more pictures that are rotated the way it appears here. And the second; the close-up shot of this kolam is too close. Try focusing your camera a bit farther.


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Pretty colourful flowers and the leaves too.

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@admin: next time i will follow your guidelines while uploading the kolam photos Smile

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Thanks to all for the most encouraging words that brings up talent to wider audience.

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very nice kolam

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nice kolam orange colour looks good.

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MythiliBrightly colored rangoli... Nice.Pay little more attention while taking photo.About appreciating others comments, we don't see any of your comments on others works... reason?

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beautiful kolam.

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Nice broad, almost even strokes - brightly coloured kolam too.. The only distraction is the way the photo is taken - take care next time. This kolam looks familiar to me - now where have I seen it before??

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@rajamma_2: Next time onwards, I will take a spl care while taking the photos. I'm very much interested/would like to comments on others work, but I'm owning a home internet connection, whenever I get a time while go for internet browsing I will upload my photos to help others to learn/try these new kolam's. Btw, I'm a big fan of your style kolam's, you always rock and simply awesome. I will consider the comments on others work and try to do something next time onwards.

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Nice bright color and thick strokes