Karthigai Kolams

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Straight dots: 10 - 10

Another simple lamp kolam which I have developed from a base. I am sure this is quite easy too.

Rangoli: Karthigai Kolams


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Judy Ma'am, Its Awesome...... Looks like a perfectly embroidered table cloth.....

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Judy, beautiful creation.....the corner yellow design looks very nice.

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I agree with purni,beautiful embroidery design, jude.Lines looks like thread.

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Thank you Purni,Lakshmi and Subashini for your sweet comments Smile

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Very beautiful Judy..
Last November i went to India because of my Brother-in-law's sudden death. Then i stayed there 20 days. So i could not comment all of yours kolams.
Soon i will comment on all..


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very very beautiful and nicely drawn.

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Judy, I do not know why, but I could see so many umbrellas, clouds in the corner and yellow rain drops.The centre square filling is excellent.

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Very nice, looks like an embroidery pattern on a pillow case. Rich texture gives it a shining look.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice pattern and texture. Just a small suggestion; maybe the image size could've been a bit smaller Smile

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Judy ma'am very cute design... it is like a painting...

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Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law Indira, no problem we understand - thanks for your comment anyway. Thanks Alamelu, Rajamma (now I see the umbrella too), JKM, Lata (yes I too thought the images were too big, will reduce the size of my other rangolis before I upload them) and Pushpa for your sweet comments Smile