Karthigai Kolam

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As it was drizzling in Chennai on the evening of Karthigai ,I decided to do the Rangoli using my daughter's writing board and placed it inside my house.

Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam


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Neat idea. Bright, glittery, and bold! All decked up for the occasion Smile

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Looks bright and nice colour match...good idea Sumathi...hmmm... i will also try one like this...

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it has come very colourful

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Sumathi, nice idea to use the writing board.
Glittering bold colored kolam looks like a modern padikolam, The inner lotus is adding the charm.u could have arranged thre diyas also in a kolam design.
Nowadays we get diyas made of glass, porcelain and other materials. In our time we used only brass, silver and clay diyas. (This Karthigai I was little busy, let me decorate my old Diyas and present when I get time.)

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This simple design looks elegant with the good color combination... neatly done ma'am

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Actually very beautiful! Your daughter is nice to have allowed you to use her board Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajammaji those are plastic diyas with a metal rod in the centre to hold the wick.As you light it up the reflection of the diya falls on the floor

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Thank you friends for all the encouraging comments

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Wow. wonderful coloring.

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very nice...we had used telephone table, computer table, dining table, kitchen tables for rangolis...now one more addition Smile

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Not only the diyas but also their reflection on the floor looks so very pretty - your rangoli is also bold and colourful Smile