Karthigai deepam rangoli

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Please click on the blue arrow at the bottom left corner to see the strokes.


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thank you so much lata this is very easy to learn.

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Happy Karthigai festival

This is simply beautiful.


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gr8 effort to make everybody learn the kolam easily..

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really simply superb

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Your kolam is very superb. Happy Karthikai .Deepam.

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really superb. i want to know the dots

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my daughter and i made this kolam on account of shivratri. My daughter is very excited to learn from ur animation and she is urging me to login to your site everytime we get connected. thanks for making this effort to teach people like me who really missed the learning phase when young.

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Thank you. You made my day! I made these for my daughters a few years ago, and am glad it comes in handy for others' daughters as well. Smile

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really nice kolam.

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hai really a simple one made even simpler by animation we call it as thambaala thattu kolam with luv

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from t.r.sabitha,

Your Kolam is very very EXCELLENT

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Hai Lata
Karthigai deepam kolam is very beautiful.kolam theriyadavargal kooda romba easy ya katru kollalam. romba simple agha irundadhu. Thanks for sharing.

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Ungal neram eduthu comment seydhadharku miga miga nanri.
(thank you so much for taking the time to comment).

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thankyou very much that you show how easily to draw this kolam.simply superb.

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wow Nice. I made my children (Yes i am having a batch of children to whom I teach slokas, bhakthipatalkal,stories and little arts and crafts from my colony).
to see this kolam and they were excited. Very easy way to make them to learn a big kolam.
Thanks Lata.

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Wow Viji maam, how I wish I could join those children in learning all this from you... lucky children.

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What is the dot count? How to put the dots first?

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Smile Yeh Yeh Yeh Kolam from Lata... Sweetie I am so glad you have done a kolam even if it is an animation one, made easy by your simple step by step method, thank you dear ... Happy Karthigai to you and your family dear.

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You make me laugh, Pushpa. :bigsmile:
I'm glad you like it. This was made a long time back, and I just 'pushed' it to the front to bring it out for Karthigai. Wink
Happy belated Karthigai to you and yours, Pushpa, and thanks a lot for your wishes. Hope to hear more about how things are at your end real soon. Smile

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simply superb. dot 17-1 interlaced. (surrounding 2,1)right?

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You're right about the dot count. Apologies for not providing it earlier among the tags. Thanks. Smile

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excellent attempt.


Smile Nice to see the way of ART. beautiful.

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Thank you! Looks like you've dug deeper in the site to see this. :bigsmile: