Kalyana Mandapam Roof design!

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About Kalyana Mandapam Roof design! : PRINT

I was trying to design muggu patterns for roof of temples and kalyana madapams and this is my first design in that series. I hope you people like it!

Rangoli: Kalyana Mandapam Roof design!


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Lovely design. the four keeridam looks beautiful. the centre design is marvellous

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The design looks very beautiful in dual shades of blue. Nice slender black curls at the ends.

Diya's comment: It looks like a snowflake from afar.

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It looks nice.

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Nice design. Are you doing this professionally? Thanks for sharing! Keep posting more and more of your work!

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A neat masterpiece - looks so lovely - the shades of blue are so soothing - I too have the same doubt as Jaya - I would also like to know what software you are using??

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very beautiful pattern and color combination

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Thank you all!

I'm a designer (Print Ads and Film Pubility) by profession. I've been spending decent amount of time in digitizing muggulu and preserving them in electronic format. I also take this opportunity to thank Lata garu for creating a great platform called 'ikolam' to showcase and preserve this wonderful and fast-dying traditional art form!

I use both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Falsh for designing.

Thank you all once again for your appreication of my work! Will upload few more soon!

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Are you from chennai?? I would love to meet you sometime..

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Smile Sure! Thank you! I'm from Hyderabad! My client is based in Chennai! I come there regularly! Will let you know before starting to Chennai!

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no words to say!!!! fantastic design.thank you for sharing.


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Fantastic design!!chala chala bagunnadhandi..( very very nice)waiting to see more and more..

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wonderful design. want to learn more details about your art.

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wonderful work...egar to see more of your creations.