Kalyana kolam

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Trivandrum - India

This is the kalyana kolam. It is two joint kolams of kanya kolam. This is the one we put for marriage and for pondugal and all. It was my neighbour's 70th birthday function i put this kolam and in this kolam the light the fire (homam)


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Very nice kolam Sreevidhya

Very nice kolam

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Beautiful irattai

Beautiful irattai manaikolam!!! Thanx for sharing

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thank u very much

thank u very much priyaraamasaami

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nice kolam ji wonderful

nice kolam ji wonderful

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thank u padmaprakash

thank u padmaprakash

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Thank you for the nice

Thank you for the nice traditional kolam alameluji.

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thank u jude and brindha

thank u jude and brindha

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Wow a mirror image padikolam

Wow a mirror image padikolam - this is really awesome Alamelu and my belated birthday wishes to Mr Krishnan too Smile

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Nice padi kolam Alameluji

Nice padi kolam Alameluji

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thanx a lot for all your

thanx a lot for all your encouragement and comments. this make me try more and more designs which i take from this site also. Thanx a lot to lata and the admin people who give your support to all of us. thank u once again

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Alamelu maam a belated

Alamelu maam a belated birthday wishes to Mr. Krishnan (hope i am right with the name) and thank you for sharing such a wonderful manai kolam

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Traditional treat!

Traditional treat!

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awesome twin kolam the

awesome twin kolam the strokes are so perfect this adds beauty to the rangoli.

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Yes we too put such twin

Yes we too put such twin makolams in functions. This is very neatly done with a WISHing border outside.

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wow!! looks bright and

wow!! looks bright and grand!!nice strokes...keep it up.

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Nice twin paDikOlam! Happy

Nice twin paDikOlam! Happy birthday Krishnan!

Regards! - mOhana