June 2012 Calendar

Friends, please forgive me for uploading this calendar through "upload rangoli" option. I didn't know how to upload it. Will request Lata to remove this from Rangoli section. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
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Thank you for the calender Mahalakshmi, I decided to publish both since both were interesting. I've got to make a separate section for our members to upload calenders in the queue. Not your mistake at all. :bigsmile:
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Well done Maha. Looks very nice with more information. Nice to see your work this way as we miss your kolams a lot :star: :)
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Yes, Maha, we are missing your rangolis esp. the wet maavu kolams!. Are you still in Dubai?. Why no creations from you nowa days? Thanks for this informatiove calender
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Rajamma mam, I'm still in Dubai. We have shifted our house last October and in this new flat, I don't have much space to make kolams outside. Also don't know how will other people take it if I'm making kolams in the corridor. I'm planning to make some indoor kolams (atleast in our balcony) but afraid of Amit. Also the floor tiles are completely white colour and I'm afraid of adding colours to my kolam stuff (whether the colours would leave some markings on the tiles).
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Thanks Lata, Sowmi and Rajamma mam.
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Wow...thanks for ur informative calender maha...so happy to see ur creation after a long time da :)
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Thanks Rani. I'm able to do this atleast though not an active member in uploading Rangolis.
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great maha......thanks for ur informative calender ... :) how ru?
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quite interesting and informative maha,,, gud job dear,,
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