jingle bells rangoli

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About jingle bells rangoli:

Hi friends this is a dotted indoor rangoli.dots..28x4x4... straight dots.your views and suggestions pl....

Dotted kolam
jingle bells
Rangoli: jingle bells rangoli


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As usual amazing....

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very pretty,looks like carpet..

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wow.very very attractive rangoli lakshmi.your color choice, shading and design all are very very cute and neat.yours is also looks like window glass painting.

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WOW...Lakshmi...this dotted kolam looks amazing.. .what have u filled inside d kolam is it grey col which is just exactly ur floor col...yes looks like a stained glass painting...hats off to ur patience dear...

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marvellous lakshmi mam. Looks Very beautiful.



hi mam

happy new year to you and your family. as usual ur kolam is awesome. nice colouring. very neat and beautiful

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Lakshmi, I think the best comes out of you when you are running temperature!

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another marvellous creation from you lakshmi...looks exceptional.....

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Very patiently drawn beautiful rangoli. The bells are looking real.

Have you made it on floor or some mat or plank or made a grey base before putting rangoli? Excellent.

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As usual fantastic! A big marriage hall should be rented and your kolams should be displayed! (with entrance fees, of course!)

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A classy design with perfect coloring, shading, detailing, bordering and all to the above identical elements, Great Work Lakshmi.. Thanks for a wonderful Visual Treat..
White or color you create a masterpiece of its kind.

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Marvellous Lakshmi Mam! 3D effect of the design is soooo perfect. Double coloring is also too good.

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nice and gud one

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Lakshmi, how many colorful carpets you have stock at your place?U did not show even one when we came to your home!
Marvellous. with three colors and flower/ bell design u have created a lovely glass painting like design.Ur patience is shown in every nook and corner .... see the numerous kutti kutti question marks in the border.
Ok now answer my questions.
1) how much time it took for you to complete this?
2) how many days you kept this with out rubbing? ( even I feel like donating a "Lalith Mahal" hall for ur rangolis.
3) since it was inside the house how many people were lucky to see this in person?
4) what was the base color u used and how?
5) why there is not even a drop of the color podi spread anywhere outside?
my question paper is very long, but I expect ur detailed reply... take your own time, dear.

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Lucky you leave me speechless whenever i visit ur page, this is awesome, yes and pls also answer two questions for me too
1) I asked this already by never got a reply, about the black color, do u actually get this color along with your other kolapodis.

2) Tips on how do u fill the colors, do u section out the rangoli and finish coloring section by section or else do u do acrobatics Smile cos it will be really difficult to reach out in the middle, pls answer ASAP dear cos it will help me in the Margazhi contest.

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Wow! Great work with some many intricate designs. Dont know what to say. Yellow shading is just great.

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I am really dumbfounded Lakshmi. Such a marvelous Rangoli. It should not be erased at all. I am sure you have taken good snaps for preservation. I am really really happy to see such a marvel and happy to have a such a dear friend doing it. It is a double treat. My hubby conveys his congrats to you.

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I dontknow what to comment.
simply suberb.

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Hi friends heart full of thanks for your lovely comments..Pragaya..i have drawn on the floor only...black powder mixed with kolam powder to match the floor....the design and the gap in between was filled simultaneously...chandy hahaha...Rajammaji.aha.again one more question paper??..I don't have any carpets with me...trying to weave new carpet every day....!).time- 8 hrs...2) 24 hrs..hmmm" Lalith Mahal"..have to practice more and big rangolis....3)lot of my neighborers and their friends...4) only kolam powder...mixed with black colour..to match my floor...5)first design was filled then gap was filled with base colour ..so all spill over of colours under the base...appada.finished..waiitng for the marks...pl don't deduct any marks for over looking....hehe)..pushpa.1)yes black colour is available in the market ...2)yes your right..I do section by section..till now have not practiced acrobatics ...can you teach me?? Brindha convey my thanks to your hubby...

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What can I say more than others have said? Looks like a magic carpet. I am going to fly on it and make my wishes come true this year. Brilliant execution with great diligence and patience. Congratulations!

Regards! - mOhana

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Fantastic work Mam . Minute workings, colour combinations, shadings You have given Makes the kolam perfect and Your hard work shows its results in beautiful manner Hats off to you and Your kolam Mam. Then no more words to express it .

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Simpy superb... don't know how to comment on this..l-Indira Sundar

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What a great piece of work. Looks like glass painting. Perfect colour mix to match the floor. Great job. 8 hours of hard work and kept only for 24 hours?!! Looking forward to see many more.... - Indu

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Lakshmi maam is it a kolam? As rightly said by Rajamma maam anf Rao sir it looks like Kashmiri carpet(no magic carpet ). Maam no word in my dictionary to explain the beauty of this kolam. Great colour combination .difficult to remove eyes from this

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hi friends many many thanks for your lovely/encouraging comments...