javvarisi kolam

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Hope you like this "javvari kolam" and will tried it for navaraththiri.

Rangoli: javvarisi kolam


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kanai parikkun unthan
azhagil sokki ponene!-suguna murugesan

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Wow Suba dear such an attractive looking kolam with the javarassi effect. Good job dear. Hmm i want to come to u to learn photoshop.

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javarasi payasam pol subavoda javarasi kolamum choooooooooo sweet.

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Wow...nice new design suba....lovely colouring as well....

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beautiful kolam Suba and a new design but I think to implement it takes a long time and consumes more powder. Thanks for giving a new design/concept. Why cant you try your own kolams on floor. Waiting to see your floor versions.

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very nice we say this is mutharathi. This we make in plate and color it with color podi and give to the temple for devi's arathi. Superb. Nice one. I went back to my childhood days.

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wonderful javarasi kolam suba mam.,

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Super kolam with jawarisi muthukkal...You have done it so wonderfully Subha mam. Really an expert in PS.

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Beautiful kolam design and presentation is good.

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very beautiful and creative

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கண்ணைப் பறிக்கும் உந்தன்
அழகில் சொக்கிப் போனேனே! -suguna murugesan

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முத்தான கோலம்
முத்தால் போட்ட கோலமோ


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wow suba mam...i was wondering where all the pearls went from our crusie Wink ....soo beautiful and neatly joined.

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Pretty muttAna muttallavO kOlam Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you suguna, pushpa ( I am always ready to teach such a lovely person),Bala, Rani,padma,priya,jullien,sowmya,veena, Harini,suguna(what a surprise.Tamizhilum, englishlum irumurai solliya ungalukku yen special thanks irumurai),Rajam, anirudh, and jkm.

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Wow, muthu muthaana kolam, Suba.