Janmashtami Kolam -1

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I saw this picture in Guruvayoor almost 20 yrs ago. I had been trying to make this into a freehand kolam and also a painting since long. Kolam materialised and I hope painting also will be done. This took me 5 hrs to make.

Rangoli: Janmashtami Kolam -1


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Gorgeous! I need to revisit many times to talk more. Smile
Surya: "Wow! this is so nice".

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Brinda.....THIS IS BREATHTAKING.......my sincere salutes to u......

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What a wonderfull drawing is this!!!!!!!!!! Hats off,Brindha

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My God!
What a creation!!!!!!!!
wounderful dear.

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Simply Awesome !!

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Fantastic.. Stunned to see a painting in kolapodi.. Brindha Maam I'm speechless.. Just staring at the picture and words gets stuck into my throat..
Balakrishnan, this time he steals my heart. Pretty Cow and calf...The pearl necklace and jewelery are too good to attract.. the grass the flowers the moon... More to say..

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No words to say. Exceeeeelllent

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Wow.......How cute..........How sweeeeeeeet. Thanks.

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Excellent! Thatrupamayirukku mam.

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Brindha, you too a Krishna Premi? what a wonderful drawing. On this Janmaashatami Day we are lucky to see a kolam from your hand. The cow, calf, the surroundings , the grass field, the cute flowers, the moon and the Bala Neelamegha Shyamalan drinking the milk .... I do not know where to stop my appreciation.!. May God Bless you!

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Brindha mam awesome really nice im speach less hats off!

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You have made such a wonderful creatiobn.Hang it on the wall.

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Excellent work...so nice. Thx for sharing

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Awesome Brindha. It is like a carpet wall hanging. Edhai cholla, edhai vida? Porumaikku palan nichayam.

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Fantastic Brinda Mam! Wonderful creation.

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பிருந்தா, கோகுலாஷ்டமி தினத்தில் பால கிருஷ்ணனின் தரிசனம் பெற நாங்கள் அனைவரும் என்ன தவம் செய்தோமோ? நன்றி!

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Iam stunned! no words will be appropriate to describe the beauty of the kolam, Hatts off to you! What a pretty painting in kolam, Thank you

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Brindha maam I am awestruck at this masterpiece. Everything about this is amazingly beautiful and to think that u took 5 hrs is really applaudable. That shows ur dedication to the art maam... The faces of the cow and calf look absolutely wonderful and cute and the Krishna looks good too... HATS OFF TO U!!!!

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எப்டி சொல்லுவது என்றே தெரியவில்லை. சூப்பர் போங்கோ!! ரொம்ப நன்னா இருக்கு

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Awesome, extraordinary, fantastic, speechless....... Thanks for the master(mistress) piece of art. Hats off to your patience.

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Wonderful brinda maam iam speachless. hats off to you Coloring strokes are sooo perfect it looks like woven carper. really a masterpiece. looking forward to your painting too. By the way how do you have heart to clear such kolams after a few days?

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no wrds 2 describe.. lovable art

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awesome brindhaji....this is a tooo good. got to remeber Purandaradasa's song Gummna kariyadire. mOhanaji has given the full song here http://www.ikolam.com/node/6863

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Brinda, no words to say about your drawing. Awesome!!!!

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Very beautiful & stunning, keep it up Brindha ma’am

Sandeep K P Malde

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I enjoyed making this kolam as much as you enjoy seeing this. Thank you all.

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Very natural and Fantastic!! I can see the huge effort you have taken to make every minute detail. Like the ornamental decoration of the cow and krishna's jewels. The natural painting effect of the cow.....the green grass surrounding.
Even in paint, I cant bring this effect. Amazing and wonderful.

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Thank you Padma Smile

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OMG this looks like a tanjore painting - the ornament decoration says so. Brindha where do you get so much creativity from?? You are amazing my dear. This is more than a masterpiece to me - everything in this picture is so perfectly designed and decorated - simply fantastic Smile

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Thank u Judy, I was just waiting for your comment !

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Excellent work mam.. Your patience must be appreciated to make this kolam for 5 hours. It is mindblowing... Thnaks for sharing mam..

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My God! Your 5 hrs is worth .It is an excellent piece of art .No doubt about it. Enjoyed seeing difficult to remove my eyes from this but the work load is so high there is no alternative.

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very cute and superb madam the shadings have come out very well. grass and ornaments looks so natural.

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awesome...hats off...fantabulous...what more to say...i am lost without words....i never have seen such perfection in kolams..infact this looks like a painting or some embroidery....extraordinary ,exceptionally wonderful

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome... Krishna wud hv definitely come down to earth to bless you. Even he would be stuneed to see this beautiful Kolam. This deserves the best Kolam in the world.