Islamic art - 1

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Grid - 20 x 20 square
Number of lines - two (red and cyan)
Number of motifs - 4
Shape - square
Symmetry - with colours 222 - three mutually perpendicular 180 deg rotations; without colours 422 - two perpendicular 180 deg rotations in the plane and one 90 deg rotation perpendicular to the plane

The basic motif is a 8x8 one. Four of these are joined at corners. This basic motif is a common recurrence in the Islamic architecture. However, this is similar to the hridayakamalams in its general structure.

Enjoy! Regards - mOhana

20 x 20 square grid
Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Islamic art - 1


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Wow so very beautiful with a lovely combination of colors.

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Aaha...jkm sir thanks for my hw after diwali...such a nice pattern u have given us...:)

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Very beautiful pattern with a good colour choice.

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Wonderful pattern, JKM sir.

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very beautiful work sir.

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lovely color combination.

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Very different pattern. Very nice.