Interlaced triangles

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This dotted kolam was drawn in photoshop.The dot lines are obviously.

Rangoli: Interlaced triangles


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superb work

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Thank you very much madam.

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Subhasini maam, excellent kolam glowing stars. the dot in the centre looks as though the top is spinning. really a geat job.

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Nice attempt. One important point though. You have just translated (moved) the star pattern. What you must do is to rotate it by 60 degrees each time and place appropriately. Only then the six-fold symmetry will be maintained.

Regards! - mOhana

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nice computer kolam

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hai mam waiting to learn from u with regards

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Subashini, ippo ellam vasal-la kolam podarada vittutteengala? Or, Print eduthu ottiduvingala?

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wow!!!ur rangoli looks grand!!yellow and red combination has come out very well..keep it up..

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Old wine in a new cup? Old design glittering in Photshop make up.

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Subashini your becoming a photoshop wizard yaah

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very nice computer kolam.

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thank you very much sudha, jkm,nithya,ammu,jaya,lakshmi,rajam,sumathi and sreegiri.

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I am not going to leave you dear, unless you teach the tech.
Laptop konduvanthu kekaporan.

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I am so happy to see this Subashini - just shows your thirst to learn and master something.. Surely you have graduated with high scores - this photoshop kolam is really lovely Smile

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Subashini maam this is a very beautiful kolam u have done using photoshop... I am yet to learn about it

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viji,jude and pushpa , Thank you very much.