indoor ugadi kolam

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About indoor ugadi kolam : PRINT

Friends i tried this small free hand kolam at indoor for ugadi. YOur valuable comments please'

Rangoli: indoor ugadi kolam


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Wow...chitra for a sec i thought it is our push's or rajamma mam's or mani mam's kolam seeing the floor col....beautiful looking freehand kolam done so artistically....hmmm expecting more indoor kolams from u dear... Smile

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Such a lovely kolam. Would love to try this

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very nice :star: :star:

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Very beautiful indoor kolam Chitra mam. Looks stylish and neat. Happy ugaadi to you. Smile

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Thank you Rani, chandy,suges and sowmy.

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superb free hand design ... Smile :love:

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wow!!wonderful creation...lovely strokes..yes rani met too thought rajamma's...keep it up chitra...

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Wow Chitra dear, cute rangoli... you know this can double as a pongal/paanai kolam, the pattern above the lotus forms a paanai pattern..

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Thank you , yes you are right, two in one kolam, we can call 3 in 1 also its look like kalasam

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Thanks bala, poorni and lakshmi

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For a second I too thought Chitra came to my terrece. Nice free hand design.Three in one? no 4 in 1. The lotus design also looks like fire under the paanai Wink and the chuzhi above the paanai as milk boiling! :bigsmile:

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Now its complete mam with your comment i was waiting for your comment. I would love to come to your terrace and draw kolam with your guidance.

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"ah ah yenthaha adbuta drashy
madidhe hradaya harshy

nodalu chikka chitra
aadaru edondu vichitra

chitradalli adgidhe chitra
bheku nalku kannu mitra

prajvalisuva benkiye?
kamlada oove?
navilina gereye?

prashne mooru
uttar nooraru

prashneyalliye adgidhe
prashneya uttar
chitradalliye adgidhe
chitrada chitra

ariyalu ee chitra
manassina kannu tereya bheku mitra "

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Thank you Dr. Rekha, i am honoured with your poem about my Kolam. First ever poem about me and my work, i am speechless.Thank you so much
Is there anybody who can help me to understand the poem better.

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very nice design chithra. :love:

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shy peacocks are so pretty and highlighting,,, :star: :star: :star: